OLAPLEX at The Priory Hair Lounge

Endlessly drying, straightening and curling your hair can cause it to become dry and frizzy. Hello damaged ends. We are delighted to offer a treatment that can totally fix this. The best bit? You can use it at home as well!

Olaplex bottles

OLAPLEX restores damaged and compromised hair by repairing from the inside out with a patented single ingredient, bis-amino diglycol dimaleate. From curly hair to stick straight, OLAPLEX is suitable & beneficial for all hair types. The condition of your hair is crucial to the outcome of what you would like us to achieve and OLAPLEX allows us to create the style you are looking for, in less time and without compromising the condition.

Using OLAPLEX at home

Parts 1 and 2 take place in the salon as part of a professional treatment and can’t be bought for use at home. That’s where steps 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 come in. And now, there’s  a step zero. You can mix and match which you want to use, but using all six, could get you your best hair ever!

Olaplex No.0OLAPLEX No.O

The No.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment as a pre-treatment hair mask designed to prime your lengths for the upcoming dye process it’s about to undertake.

Apply to dry hair once to three times a week at home prior to your salon appointment, leave on for ten minutes, then follow with Olaplex No.3 to encourage strong, healthy hair.


Olaplex No.3Apply Olaplex No.3 to damp hair (it’s a pre shampoo treatment) and gently brush through. Bleached hair is fragile when it’s wet, so be careful.

For best results sleep with Olaplex No.3 in your hair and wash out in the morning with a moisture rich sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. You’ll feel a difference instantly! Do it once a week to keep your hair health on point.

OLAPLEX No.4 & 5

Olaplex’s No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner  give your entire hair wash routine a super nourishing overhaul.


OLAPLEX No.6The Bond Smoother, which was previously only available in hair salons. You can now use this leave-in cream at home. The Bond Smoother seeks out broken bonds (caused by bleaching, hair straightening and over brushing) and repairs them, restoring them to their former glory.

Apply a small amount – a little goes a long way, to the mid lengths and ends of damp or dry hair and comb through.


Finish with a few drops of the OLAPLEX No.7 Bonding Oil and your hair will feel all sorts of soft and healthy. Lightweight, non-sticky and formulated to target dry, brittle hair, strengthening it against future damage. It’s sulphate-free, vegan and protects against heat damage as well.